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Has your loved one been injured or received improper care while in a nursing home facility?  We offer free consultations in your home, at the nursing home, hospital or in our offices. Our elderly or handicap deserve the best love, care and support while under the care of a nursing home. Nursing home abuse or neglect occurs as a result of the careless, reckless or negligent behavior of nursing home employees, patients and even visitors. Our law firm has represented and assisted numerous injured nursing home residents or their immediate family members, in bringing lawsuits against home and assisted living facilities. A majority of these nursing home residents, to their detriment, relied on nursing home employees to provide them with personal needs such as food, water, medicine, bathroom assistance, daily hygiene care and social activities.


If you or a family member has been injured in an assisted living facility and would like to know your legal rights, please call our office or fill out a FREE CASE REVIEW form.

Slip and Fall

Falling on another’s property or in a department store can be both embarrassing and cause serious injury. If you believe the fall you experienced was partly or completely the fault of another, call us. Property owners are responsible for keeping their premises safe and for warning visitors of any potential hazards. Falls can be scary and can lead to serious injuries. The term "slip and fall" describes the type of injury that occurs on someone else's property, usually as a result of a defective surface, a slippery substance, or other dangerous conditions. For example, if a supermarket owner mops the floor and does not mark the area to warn consumers, he or she may be legally liable for a fall down injury occurring in that location. Even if the property owner was unaware of the danger at the time the personal injury occurred, the other might be responsible if he or she should have known about it. It is important to seek a personal injury attorney with experience in slip and fall accidents. If you or a loved one has been injured in a personal injury accident involving a fall, please call our office or fill out our FREE CASE REVIEW form.

Medical Malpractice

Medical malpractice is the result of a health care provider's failure to provide the expected standard of care. When a physician is determined to be negligent, it means that he or she has failed to use the same degree of skill and learning, under the same or similar circumstances, that are used by other members of the medical profession. Some of the more common malpractice instances are when the physician fails to timely diagnose and order appropriate treatment, does not order necessary tests and proper medication, fails to consult with specialist and improper surgical procedures. Medical malpractice claims are one of the most difficult areas of litigation, and as such it is important to obtain an attorney as soon as the malpractice occurs or is discovered. If you feel you have been a victim of medical malpractice, please call our office or fill out our FREE CASE REVIEW form.

Pharmaceutical Drug Injury

Injured through the use of a pharmaceutical drug? Each year, thousands experience complications associated with over-the-counter medications and supplements. Drug manufacturers who fail to design, manufacture, inspect and label pharmaceuticals appropriately may be held liable. A pharmaceutical manufacturer may also be liable for a patient's injuries when they have failed to warn of a drug's potential side effects or dangers. Medical doctors, nurses, dentists, osteopaths and health care facilities can be found liable for deviating from the acceptable standard of patient care. Malpractice can even exist if there is proof that a healthcare provider placed their personal interest or that of the pharmaceutical industry above the patient's interests. There are many dangerous drugs, but the following represent some of the more controversial drugs: Accutane, Actos, Darvon, Depakote, Fixodent/Poligrip, Fosamax, Humira, Levaquin, Nexium, Prevacid, Prilosec, Protonix, Topamax/Topiramate, Wellbutrin, Yaz/Yazmine/Ocella and Zocor. Some herbal and dietary supplements can also be harmful to ones body. If you have been injured by a defective drug or supplement, save the product, parts and instructions that come with it, including the box it came in. Also, if you need someone to explain your legal rights and get you the settlement you deserve, please call our office or fill our a FREE CASE REVIEW form.


Sometimes when a person is diagnosed with cancer, but no earlier tests show these abnormalities, you could be the victim of medical negligence. Often times a laboratory that analyzes the specimen will act negligently and fail to diagnose an abnormality that exists. This negligence in the screening process can cause great harm and even eventual death. One needs to consider carefully the magnitude of delay involved in a given claim. In general, delays of weeks to a few months will not be of significant consequence, however, in some aggressive cancers, this time may materially change the person's life expectancy. If you believe that you have had a significant misdiagnosis, please call our office or fill out a FREE CASE REVIEW form.

Wrongful Death

Have you lost a loved one in a medical malpractice matter? Call us so we can guide you through this painful and complicated process. Losing a loved one is never easy, especially when it is the fault of others. Wrongful death lawsuits are normally pursued by the deceased victim's family. Generally, immediate family members of the deceased can file a wrongful death claim, meaning that in most cases, the parents, spouse or the children of the wrongful death victim can sue. In order to bring a wrongful death action, a death must have been caused by a defective product, medical malpractice, pharmaceutical drug defects, the negligent or reckless act of a person, or a number of other situations. Family members of the victim seek legal assistance to receive the compensation their loved ones are entitled. If damages are awarded, they will cover the financial costs for the present and the future, as well as emotional costs. Understanding the laws that surround wrongful death cases can be complex. If you feel you have the basis for a wrongful death suit, call our office or fill out our FREE CASE REVIEW form.

Nursing Home Abuse
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